Live eftpos offers superior network coverage

We’ve all heard the stories of businesses not being able to process a payment due to poor network coverage or from being in a dreaded “black spot”.

With the percentage of digital transactions increasing year-on-year, having a disconnected or slow device can be a costly experience and potentially impact your turnover. It can also give a poor impression to your customers who can often think that an inactive device is your fault.

The major Telcos recently closed their 2G terminals and consigned them to legacy network technology, meaning it is now essential that your EFTPOS device is 3G compatible and always able to receive a good connection. This is especially relevant for businesses that are mobile or based in a remote location.

1 SIM, 3 Telcos

The good news is that all Live eftpos devices offer superior network coverage and have access to three networks; Vodafone, Optus and Telstra.

Your Live eftpos device will choose the strongest signal depending on your location utilising ‘strongest signal SIM technology’, which allows the SIM in your device to adapt to the environment it is in.

We leverage the strengths of Global Wireless Access (GWA), a wireless m2m solution for EFTPOS terminals that and are specifically designed for the needs of the payments industry. GWA delivers a seamless, high quality and efficient service with drastically increased coverage.

The combination of a long battery life combined with strongest signal connectivity and data roaming with GWA means you will receive the best possible signal wherever you happen to be. You’ll always able to transact which will provide you with greater peace of mind and continuity throughout your working day.

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